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Consulting that develops and executes strategic solutions for midmarket venture and private equity-backed companies striving to evolve to the next level of business.

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Execute, Measure, Adjust...Quickly

Break Down Business Silos:

Because nothing happens in a vacuum.
With an in-depth understanding of departmental innerworkings, Rand addresses the needs of process and integration. The problem with a narrow approach – nothing in a business happens in a vacuum. Our holistic approach breaks down silos within the organization. All areas of business are truly interconnected.

Strategy AND Execution

It’s more than “using your watch to tell you what time it is.”
Strategy that combines puzzles, pattern thinking, decision trees, math, and case history to create a reality-based growth roadmap. Execution by a SWAT team-like group that uses years of in-the-trenches business experience to make things happen.

Our Team AND Proprietary Tools

Great products and even greater people.
Consulting alone is not the answer. Neither is technology. From scenario-based planning, budgeting, and projections to integrated measurement and analytics, the Rand team focuses on precision and leverages proprietary tools. The result – execution, continuous visibility, and usable insights (vs. vanity metrics) needed for revenue and growth.

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