About Rand Inc

Guided by Experience. Empowered by Technology. Driven by Process.

A “library of experience” is the foundation for Rand Inc’s approach to helping clients efficiently build and execute true business transition.

Proprietary technology and rules-based models make it possible for clients to quickly explore different planning scenarios, and then continually adjust plans based on meaningful metrics and visibility.

Process drives efficiency, speed, and reliability.

Over 35 years of combined experience building and executing business transition.

Rand Inc

Rand vision

Blueprint to Badass

Transformation that is supported by processes that are solid, reliable, and capable of supporting growth.

  • Visionary

    Guide bold companies using experience from consulting, software, and broad client base.

  • Qual

    Market research and profiling needed to drive new products and business growth

  • Quant

    Integrated business analytics using data from all sources – internal and external

  • Pragmatic

    Build reality-based business models leveraging 35 years of marketing and sales knowledge

  • Strategy

    Integrated, multi-departmental strategic plans that consider key milestones and alternatives

  • Process

    Processes engineering of marketing and sales from workflow to software integration and deployment

  • Ideation

    Brand development, conceptual campaigns, multi-channel outreach strategy

  • Execution

    Relentless Implementation of initiatives – team that gets things done