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Irony of This Insanity – It’s So Tough to Cancel Bad Subscriptions, They’ll Sell You a New One

Irony of This Insanity – It’s So Tough to Cancel Bad Subscriptions

Try finding all your subscriptions and passwords. Good luck!

Everyone has subscriptions – streaming music and movies, video and mobile games, sales and accounting software. Make a list, and it’s often more than expected, because companies love to give us a “free subscription.” It’s today’s standard, try-before-buy sales strategy for most digital products.

Consumers are finally frustrated. So, what’s happening now? Large banks and credit companies are providing solutions that help identify, manage, and cancel our crazy list of subscriptions.

Finally fed up enough with my list, I decided to do some quick research and try one of the subscription-tracking services. Google search for subscription canceling services, see two big advertisers at the top, and then pick the credit bureau as my solution.

Now the fun begins.

I go into the website for credit bureau’s service and start the process. This is going to be easy and simple, just as described in the ads. Nope, it wasn’t. Not deterred, I continued, because the alternative would be continually paying for unwanted subscriptions.

Struggling through the website and list of tasks needed to get started, I questioned my decision. So, I started by looking at different options for this subscription canceling service. It’s “free.” But wait, then I read further and notice that the “free service” automatically starts to bill me $24.99/mo after seven days. Yes, this credit company that’s selling a free subscription canceling service, is actually trying to sell me a subscription that’s supposed to help me find and cancel my unwanted subscriptions. Can’t make this stuff up.

From consumer mortgage and auto calculators to test accounts in CRMs, companies are constantly looking for new ways to create consumer engagement. It’s an established strategy. Sure, creating a sales funnel in today’s overly saturated communications world is challenging. But, when we interact with a strategy that’s so counterintuitive, we have to wonder what’s happening in the world of sales strategy.

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