John Machunis
VP of Sales, Polycor

“Trip’s strategic approach and alignment of sales and marketing was well articulated. The focus on building brand ambassadors, flexibility in adoption and awareness of regional specific needs certainly accelerated our growth which exceeded our expectations. Especially today, seeing double digit growth in a unforeseen pandemic climate. We were well positioned to succeed in 2020. Highly recommend Trip Jobe!”

Jer Goss

“Marketing was an afterthought before Darren and Rand Inc. We realized that marketing needs to be part of our overall business strategy. Rand showed us new markets and opportunities that helped us grow.”

Bruce Skala
CMO Hooters

“I have had the opportunity to work with Darren over the past 25 years, on projects and companies, large and small. The one common theme with all initiatives, is that Darren identifies opportunities, and more importantly, a solution. Action plans are well defined, and match up with specific metrics, that clearly communicate what the data is telling you. Rand Inc. brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, providing a fresh perspective that delivers results.”