The Business of Marketing

Business Strategy

To put it simply, without a clearly-defined, reality-based business strategy, there can be no effective marketing.​

A solid, reality-based strategy is critical. But many companies skip this step, and instead develop goals based on arbitrary numbers, or on a vision that hasn’t been vetted or cannot be realistically achieved.

Whether your company is launching a new product, seeking new channels for growth, or fighting off a new competitive threat, Rand Inc. has the expertise and tools needed to craft a business strategy that is grounded in your company’s internal and external realities.

Marketing Strategy

Ever heard the expression, “tactics in search of a strategy?” Take our word for it we know it happens in many companies.

Ever notice…marketing is more complex and changing every day, yet many non-marketing folks want to drive marketing strategy. And even after plans and budgets are locked down, there’s always a new “shiny object.”

A strong marketing strategy is a direct outgrowth of business strategy designed to help achieve the company’s business goals by overcoming challenges and maximizing opportunities. Rand Inc. works with you to understand all marketing channels and campaign options, so you’ll be ready to make faster, better, decisions along the path.

Business & Marketing Goals

What are your sales and marketing goals, metrics? Understand potential gaps and barriers to achievement.

Category Profile

How is the market growing? Where do you fit in the market?

Target Audience Profile

Who are they? Where are they? What motivates them?

Competitive Landscape

Who are your key competitors? How much market share and influence do they have?

Tactical Mix

What combination of marketing activities are being considered?

Marketing Volume Needed

How much marketing is needed to get your audience motivated?

Marketing Budget

What’s your overall marketing budget? How much is allocated to each management initiative? What’s the expected ROI?

Data -Driven, Pretested Plan

Quantitative rationale. Projected outcomes, based on benchmarks and goals, calendars, budgets, and workflows.
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Imagine the ability to focus on daily tasks, or on big picture strategy, knowing the gears in marketing are turning like a well-oiled machine.

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