Convert marketing planning from a budgeting exercise into a comprehensive plan that integrates all parts of marketing, sales, and workflow.
Planning & Budgeting

Days instead of Weeks… Minutes instead of Days

We take your marketing information – in any format – input the data into our system, combine your data with artificial intelligence, and work with your team to create scenarios that address the entire marketing and sales value chain. From marketing mix to sales funnel to team capacity and workflow, your marketing plans are now completely integrated and dynamic.


External spend + internal cost allocation

Marketing Campaign Library

Tactics (e.g. email, digital, social,) audiences, benchmarks (e.g., click-through rates)

Communications Plan

  • Comprehensive calendars and workflows with all campaigns
  • Workflows and executional planning simultaneously developed with budgets

Projected Results and ROI of Marketing Plans and Channels

Insights and guidance driven by artificial intelligence
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Imagine the ability to focus on daily tasks, or on big picture strategy, knowing the gears in marketing are turning like a well-oiled machine.

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