Gain complete visibility and clear understanding of all marketing channels and their effects on your sales funnel and revenue.
Measurement & Guidance

Integrated, Intelligent, Usable

It’s challenging enough to get different marketing technologies talking to each other. Most companies employ at least twelve different marketing software tools. With a constantly changing marketing landscape and information overload, it’s easy to understand why marketing measurement is so frustrating. And, because of staffing challenges, capacity and analytics knowledge, measurement often becomes a secondary task.

With Rand Inc, you offload your measurement challenges to a team that’s 100% focused on integrated marketing and sales analytics. Using our system that combines industry trends with your data and artificial intelligence, you gain a team member that helps you navigate the chaotic marketing landscape, so you can stay focused on the big picture…or the daily fire drills.

Data Integration

  • Online – Social media, email, digital adv, PR/content, streaming, cable, etc
  • Offline – Direct mail, trade shows, events, sponsorships, etc

Marketing Intelligence

Industry trends and benchmarks (e.g. online/offline channel preferences, tactical behavior metrics, click-thru, conversion, etc)

Performance Reports and Guidance

  • Marketing data reviewed and formatted for output (PPT or PDF)
  • Key metrics marketing and sales metrics identified and interpreted
  • Guidance and adjustment recommendations

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Imagine the ability to focus on daily tasks, or on big picture strategy, knowing the gears in marketing are turning like a well-oiled machine.

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