Case Study- Mouse Trap Films

MouseTrap Films LLC

Building a niche market quickly


Film, Video, Marketing

The challenge

MouseTrap Films was in the business of managing Independent Film Festivals and began to enter the streaming market. As with most early stage companies, budgets were tight and the entrepreneurial spirit drove engagement in every market opportunity. They were trying to play in too many market segments at once and couldn’t gain traction. Their overall vision was to provide a better service for independent filmmakers and distributors than currently existed.

The Solution

We started by performing a marketing assessment that provided a market segmentation analysis. This showed the addressable markets and opportunities. The Outdoor/Adventurist niche segment was identified as the primary target market.

By overlaying a marketing plan, with projections, to these target segments we could evaluate not only market potential but also where to get the biggest return for investment. A complete marketing mix and calendar was developed focusing on the targeted market segments.

A marketing calendar was developed with a heavy digital advertising mix, supported by social media and targeted email campaigns. This put the marketing budget to work in a highly focused way but with great frequency to build awareness, encourage trial subscriptions and acquire new subscribers.

Achieved Results

With the new focus on the Outdoor/Adventure segment, MouseTrap Films was well positioned for new growth. As the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in early 2020, MouseTrap Films has benefited by being properly positioned and is currently seeing rapid growth rates in their business. Today, they are the pre-eminent online festival supplier for Independent Filmmakers and Distributors