Business Focused

We care as much about your business strategy as we do about your marketing strategy. Because we know they must work together.

No B.S.

You want answers and recommendations to marketing and business challenges.

As a group that’s worked with many companies, we see similar patterns causing marketing and business challenges. There’s always a trigger – financial change, market place change, inward focus on strategy and vision – that sets companies on a path for marketing and business consulting. Regardless of the trigger, there are two keys to success: 1) clearly identify the causes, and 2) create reality-based plan. We help ensure your marketing plans align with your business strategy and that there’s accountability toward all metrics.

You need a company that listens and isn’t afraid to be blunt. We don’t subscribe to “The definition of insanity = doing the same thing over and over…” And, we don’t want our clients to make the same mistakes.

Rand INC Marketing Analytics

What makes us different?

Who We Are

We’re a team of veterans with years of experience in a vast array of business segments.

From Fortune 50 companies to startups, technology to consumer goods, retail and business to business, we have real world experience that we apply to each of our clients.

We’re your advocate truly committed to getting you from where you are to where you want to be.

Knowledge Is Speed

Deep expertise in many industries provides the foundation needed to quickly develop solutions and create results.


We leverage established processes developed and tested over 30 years.

Proprietary Technology Platform

From scenario-based planning, budgeting and projections to integrated measurement and analytics, Rand Inc. delivers visibility and insights throughout the marketing and sales cycle.
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Imagine the ability to focus on daily tasks, or on big picture strategy, knowing the gears in marketing are turning like a well-oiled machine.

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